List of Published Books by Dr. Mansoor Rastegâr Fasâei

List of Published Books by Dr. Mansoor Rastegâr Fasâei (1350 to 1385 L.H (1970 – 2006 A.D.)

1. Tasvir Âfarini Dar Shâhnâmeye Ferdowsi: (Imagination in Shâhnâme of Ferdowsi)

This book deals with the role of poetic imagination in Shâhnâme. Image is the fixed element for all poems and so much has been considered in Shâhnâme and Ferdowsi by the help of this poetic element, shows epic scenes of Shâhnâme, successfully. The first edition of this book was published in 1974 and its second edition with revisions and annotations was published in 544 pages in 1990 by Shiraz University Press.


2. Maghâlâti Darbareye She‘r va Zendegi-ye Sa‘di (Articles on the life and poetry of Sa‘di, compiled and edited by M. Rastegar.)

This book contains 26 research articles on the life and poetry of Sa‘di, presented at the Universal Congress of Sa‘di and Hafez in Shiraz/>/>, May 12-18, 1971/>. The first, second and third editions were published by Shiraz University Press in 470 pages. The fourth edition was published by Amirkabir in 1996.

3. Maghâlâti Darbâreye She‘r va Zendegi-ye Hâfez: (Articles on the life and poetry of Hâfez, compiled and edited by M. Rastegar Fasâei.)

This book contains 26 research articles on Hâfez presented at the Universal Congress of Sa‘di and Hâfez on May, 7-12, 1971. The first, second and third editions published by Shiraz/> University/>/> and the fourth edition by Jâmi Publication.

4. Bargozideye Dâstân-e Foroud-e Siyâvush: (An abridged version of the   story of Siyavush from the Shâhnâme.)

This story is one of the most fantastic epical stories of Shânâme with some explanations by the author. Its first edition was published by Fârs Television and the second edition by Shirâz University Press in 1978 as a teaching book of Shiraz/> University/>/> in 62 Pages.

5. Bargozideye Boustân-e Sa‘di : (An abridged version of Boustân of Sa‘di.)

Boustân of Sa‘di is one of the teaching literary masterpieces of Iran/>/>. This abridged which includes 76 pages, has been published for teaching in Shiraz/> University/>/> 1978.

6. Ezhdehâ Dar Asâtir-e Iran/>/>: (Dragon in Persian Mythology.)

ISBN: 964-315-501-3

This book is the first work in the Persian language which reflects Iranians images about dragons. Dragon is a very horrible myth in Iranian culture and this work is the most comprehensive and the most precise monograph on this mythic animal. The first edition of this work was published in 340 pages by Shiraz University Press in 1986 and its second edition was published with revision and annotation in 380 pages by Toos Publishers in Tehran/>/>, 2000 A.D.

7. Fârsnâme-ye Nâseri: (Edited and annotated by M. Rastegar.)

ISBN: 964 – 00- 0442-1 (2 volume set)

Fârsnâme-ye Nâseri is the most credited geographical and historical text on Fârs written by Mirzâ Hasan Hoseini Fasâei in the Qâjâr era. From then on, it is considered as the most important basic reference for studies relating to Fârs. Mansoor Rastegar Fasâei has edited and added many additional notes. Many researchers in the field have recognized this edition as one of the most academic works in the field of correction and annotation of historical texts. This book was published in two volumes and 1974 pages by Amir Kabir Publishers in Tehran/>/> in 1988. The book won the award as the selected book of the year in History in the Islamic Republic of Iran for 1988. The second and third editions were revised and published with 1999 and 2180 pages respectively.

8. Maghâlât-e Tahghighi Darbâre-ye Hâfez by Mas‘ood Farzâd:

(Aricles on the life and poetry of Hâfez, by M. Farzâd, compiled and edited by M. Rastegar.)

Mas‘ood Farzâd is one of the most prominent contemporary researchers of Hâfez. His numerous works have been compiled in 10 volumes. The articles in this collection were selected from his most important essays on Hâfez and compiled on the occasion of the Universal Congress in honor of Hâfez in 1988. This book was published in 630 pages by Navid Publication Company in Shiraz/>/>.

9. Farhang-e Nâmhây-e Shâhnâme: (A Comprehensive Glossary of Proper Names in Shâhnâme of Ferdowsi by M.Rastegar, 2 vols, Cultural Studies and Research Institute, Tehran.)

ISBN: 964 – 426 – 073- 2 (2 volume set)

The two volumes of this book are the most comprehensive and complete glossary allocated to the names of animals and heroes of Shâhnâme from the beginning to the end. This collection declares the terminology of words and their reflection on literary and historical Persian texts. The first volume of this work was published in 1990 and the second in 1991in 1282 pages. The second edition was published by Research/> Center/>/> for Cultural Studies and Humanities, in Tehran/>/>. This book has been considered as an important reference for studying the proper names in Shâhnâme by the researches.

10. Kolliyyât Divân-e Ne‘mat-e Fasâei: (The Divân of Ne‘mat Fasâei)

Ne‘mat is a 13th century A.H. poet who is well known for his travel and satirical books in prose as well as his Divân. (Poetry collection)

The author has written this collection based on original manuscripts. The first edition was published in 440 pages in 1980 by Shiraz University Press. Publication of the revised second edition with a supplement of the book "Mâdat ul-Tavârikh"(chronogram) is currently in process 

11. 21 Goftâr Darbâreye Shâhnâme va Ferdowsi: (21 articles on Shâhnâme & Ferdowsi.)

This book includes 21 articles on Shâhnâme and Ferdowsi, published in 542 pages, by Navid Publishers in 1990. It received the best University Book Award in 1991.

12. Tazkereye Delgoshâ:

(The book of Exhilaration, edited with views by M. Rastegar.)

This book written by Ali Akbar Navvâb Shirâzi – an author, politician and poet in 13th century A.H. – is about Shiraz and it’s shrines and mosques, schools and gardens, and the Qâjârid royal families as well as the great poets of Iran in that era. The text of this book has been collated with several manuscripts in 816 pages, by Navid Publishers in 1992. This book received the The Best University Book Award in 1992. 

13. Soroudehaye Farzâd: (The lyrics of Farzâd)

Mas‘ood Farzâd is an important contemporary Iranian poet, researcher and author.

Dr. Rastegar has brought together the first collection of his lyrical poems in this book which was published in 330 pages by Navid Publication in 1990.

14. Anvâ'-e She‘re Fârsi (Persian Poem Types)

ISBN: 964 – 358 – 008– 3)

Persian poetry is the most important part of Persian literature. In this book, the various types of poetic styles and meanings have been considered precisely and scientifically from the beginning till now. This book is one of the most comprehensive, precise and scientific works about current and rare Persian poetry types in Persian language. The first edition of this book published in 760 pages, 1993 and the revised second was published in 964 pages, by Navid Publication Company in Shiraz/>/>, 2001.

15. Bargozideye Sâm Nâmeh (Selected Poems from Sâm Nâmeh.)

Sâm Nâmeh is the epic works of Khajavi Kermâni, an 8th century A.H. poet. This article offers a summary of this story with much explanation on Khâjou, his poems and biography and the characters of Sâm Nâmeh. This 128 Page book was published by Navid Publication Company in 1370 A.H.

16. Divân-e Mozaffar-e Shirâzi (Poetry Collection of  Mozaffar Shirâzi.)

Muzaffar Shirâzi is a 14th century A.H. poet. The first edition of his Divân, edited by Ali Naqi Behroozi, was published in 1958. It was published again with corrections and an introduction by Dr. Mansoor Rastegâr by Kavir Publishers in Tehran/>/> in 1993.

17. Hamâseye Rostam Va Sohrab (The Epic of Rostam & Sohrâb)

The story of Rostam and Sohrâb is one of the epical masterpieces of the Shâhnâme of Ferdowsi that has always captured the attention of all it’s readers. This book includes extensive explanations and is geared towards university students. The book is now on its eighth edition and is published by Jâmi Publications.

18. Hamâseye Rostam va Esfandyâr(The Epic of Rostam and Esfandyâr.)

ISBN: 964-5620-51-1

The epic of Rostam and Esfandyâr is another favorite epical story of the Shâhnâme that has been published with extensive explanations for the university students by Jâmi publication. The 282 page sixth edition was published in 2005.

19. Fârsnâmeye Ibn-e Balkhi (Fârs Nâmeh by Ibn-e Balkhi, edited with notes by M. Rastegar, published by The Foundation for Study of Fârs Province, Shiraz, Iran, 1995.)

Ibn –e Balkhi's Fârs Nâmeh is the oldest book on Fârs which was written in the 6th century A.H. Le Strange and Nicholson edited and published it for the first time. This version is the fourth independent version of the Fârs Nâmeh by Ibn-e Balkhi which includes a translation of Nicholson's introduction in Persian along with complete explanations and corrections. This 520 page book was published by the Foundation for Study of Fârs in 1995.

20. Tazkereye Sho‘arâye Dârol ‘Elm-e Shirâz (The Biography of the poets from a center for learning in Shirâz.)

Tazkereye Sho‘arâye Dârol Elm-e Shirâz is a part of the book of Daryâye kabir by Forsat-e Shirâzi which narrates the biographies of 128 poets who were simultaneous with Forsat in the 13th and 14th centuries A.H. This book, edited and annotated with a comprehensive introduction about the biography of Forsat, was published in 366 pages by Shiraz University Press in 1996.

21. Asâr-e ‘Ajam

ISBN: 964 – 00 – 0356 – 5 (2 volume set).

ISBN: 964 – 00 – 0357 – 3 (vol – 1).

ISBN: 964 – 00 – 0358 – (vol – 2).

Asâr-e ‘Ajam by Forasat ul-Dole Shirâzi, is one of the best works written on the history, geography and monumental and cultural heritage of Fârs civilization and its poets and the writers in the14th century A.H. Mansoor Rastegar’s version includes a complete introduction, marginal notes and numerous pictures and has transformed this work to a modern academic resource. This book was published in two volumes and 1152 page by Amir Kabir Publishers in 1998. 

22. Ahvâl va Asâr-e Dr. Parviz Nâtel Khânlari:

(The biography of Dr. Parviz Nâtel Khânlari.)

ISBN: 964-7134-20-7.

This book is a biography of Dr. Khânlari, a well known literary researcher, author, poet, translator and lecturer of Persian literature and language and editor of Sokhan Magazine. This 510 page book was published by Tarh-e No Publication Company in Tehran/>/> in 2000.

23. Anvâ-‘e Nasr-e Fârsi (Persian Prose Types)

ISBN: 964–459–564–5.

The Persian prose types had not been considered as an important an basic part of Persian literature. Anvâ‘-e Nasr-e Fârsi is the first comprehensive Persian books that studies the types, changes and concepts of the Persian prose from the beginning till now. This book was published by Publication of Samt (The organization for studying and compiling books on arts and humanities for Iranian Universities) as a university text in 636 pages, 2001.


24. Ashti Bâ Qâ'âni: (Reconciliation with Qâ'âni.)

ISBN: 964-6394-15-7.

Qâ'âni is a very famous but controversial poet and writer in the Qâjârid era. Some Iranian intellectuals disagree with his opinions. In this book the author has selected some of Qâ'âni’s best poems in order to make readers more familiar with the aesthetics and values of his works. This book has been published in 400 pages by Nashr-e Bâvar dârân in 2001.

25. Ferdowsi and Hoviyyat Shenâsi Irâni (Ferdowsi and Iranian Identity, Selected Essays on Ferdowsi's Shâhnâmeh.)

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